Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Singapore Garden Festival 2014

Having visited the Singapore Garden Festival Show for the first time in 2013, I was naturally looking forward to visit this year's show. This year, the show was held at Gardens By The Bay.

I purposely picked a weekday to visit as I thought there would be less people, and I would have time to admire the exhibit pieces, but I was wrong. I don't remember having such a crowd last year when it was held at Suntec. There were just too many people, even on a weekday. Naturally I found it really hard to enjoy the exhibit as I felt that I was being pushed by the crowd to keep moving forward. My lack of photos this year pretty much says it all.

I still tried to look out for pieces that I love and am inspired by.

Here are some Eco-friendly home concepts.

I love this unique key holder!

Try growing some home-grown vegetables using egg shells

Wall decorations featuring succulent plants

Kitchen counter top decorated with assorted plants

More home grown vegetables/herbs

I'm actually quite fascinated with wall shrubs/plants like this.

Unique tissue box holder

Interesting study board supposedly for the study room

Next, I went to look at the flower arrangement displays. For some reason I really like this concept.

And I must say I love the miniature garden scenes. They are in 1:12 scale. I wish I had more time to stand and take photos, but it is extremely difficult when the crowd is pushing you along. I was able to take 2 photos of the Harry Potter Garden though.

It's a pity I did not take much time to enjoy the balcony scenes, as this year, they were being placed outside under the hot sun. Most people passed by quickly as they were looking to find a cool place to stay away from the heat.

I hope they will find a different location for the next show (2016). I don't mind Suntec City ;)

Hopefully you all enjoy the photos!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Profiteroles Ring - New Color

This week, I received a special request from a customer who wanted a profiteroles ring made in a different color. I'm happy to work on the colors she has requested, and here are a few photos.

I actually have a few ideas incorporating other kinds of flowers with this ring, so I'll put it on my to-do list and work on it soon :)

Dark yellow gerbera daisies with a white rose

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pastel Macarons Glass Dome Necklace - Macaron Jewelry

I recently experimented with glass domes, and here, I have made a pastel macarons glass dome necklace.
All the macarons were carefully handmade, colours were specially selected and picked - so the entire look is dreamy and sweet.

Glass dome diameter is approximately 3cm at its widest. Height of the glass dome is also 3cm.

Length of necklace is approximately 67cm (26 inches). 

Hope you love it!