About Me

I’m Pei Li, an aspiring dollhouse miniatures artisan. As a young child, I have always been interested in crafts. I dabbled in cross stitch, patchwork, sewing (a little). But it was not until in my adulthood that I found what I really love - making 1:12 scale miniatures. When I started attending some clay classes locally and overseas several years ago, it ignited my passion to seek and learn more, especially in making 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures. I have since been making and experimenting ways to create realistic miniature art pieces. My design style is a mixture of shabby chic, worn out elegance and whimsical!

I love cakes, bread, pastries, desserts and flowers. I love the shabby chic and worn out elegant style. I love pink. The best thing about miniature making is that I get to live out my fantasies - in a much smaller scale. I hope to share my passion with you.

As I continue this crafting journey, I have also slowly started to incorporate a few of my favourite miniature items into food jewelry. I love using desserts, macarons, pastries as well as flowers and churn them into elegant, feminine wearable pieces. 

When I'm not busy crafting, I really enjoy afternoon tea, finding great desserts, going for walks, looking at flowers, photography and travelling. I hope to document my creative pursuits through writing and photos!