Monday, April 28, 2008

Show and Tell Monday

I caught a flu bug recently, and was down ill for a few days...I am still recovering, so I haven't had much Miniatures updates lately.

So for today, I decided to do something different. Besides making miniatures, I also love cross stitching. I started cross stitching since I was 10 years old. Recently, I have worked on my work in progress very regularly again.

This is a piece by Sandy Littlejohns. It is named "Victorian Christmas Eve". This chart is actually a 3 part horizontal chart. I have just completed 1 out of the 3 part series, and am now working on Part 2. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

I may attempt to do another marvelous chart of hers after I complete this.


  1. Pei Li

    I am so sorry that you have not felt well. Hopefully, soon you will feel yourself and be able to get back to your miniatures.

    The needle work project you are working on is absolutely beautiful. You are an amazing talent.

    Thanks so much for sharing your passions with us.


  2. Hi Pei,

    That's too bad.Are you OK now?

    Your work is so beautiful!
    How about making cross-stitching with a miniature?
    I think that you can do it;)


  3. Pei Li,
    I hope you are feeling better by now and that you will have a wonderful trip this weekend.

    Your crosstitch work is gorgeous! I have a book that you need to see. It is "Miniature Embroidery for the Victorian Dolls' House" by Pamela Warner. 1998 I hope you can find it.

    Pink hugs, Karen

  4. Pei Li,

    Hope you are feeling better. Your work is so pretty. I could see one in miniature too!


  5. hat is so gorgeous~ I cannot imagine the hours of work that you have put into this beautiful project~S

  6. I am sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well, hope you get well soon.
    Your embroidery is as fantastic as your minitures, you have a real tallent for minutia.
    PiNK HuGS, xoxo

  7. Pei Li, as a former cross-stitch addict (also had a cross-stitch B & M), I have to say how beautiful your work is...........and how time consuming these patterns are.

    What a lovely piece - please show us panel two
    and three when complete.
    P.S. feel better

  8. Pei Li, I hope you are feeling better. Just beautiful! I love it! Have a beautfiul day!

  9. Pei Li,
    That looks like a fun cross stitch. I too love to cross stitch, but haven't done it in quite a while. I am glad you are starting to feel better! Take Care!

  10. PeiLi, the cross stitch is lovely. I know how much work goes into that, I used to do it when my eyes were a little more reliable! You do such nice work, no matter what you tackle. Glad you're feeling better-

  11. Hi Pei Li!

    So sorry you have not been feeling well. It sure isn't fun to be sick. I hope you feel better fast! What a talented lady you are. I just love the Christmas crossstitch design! Very pretty. I also love to crossstitch,but rarely have time. Love it Pei Li! Take care and feel better!
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  12. Hi Pei Li!

    So sorry you have been sick. I hate when I get sick. Hope you feel better soon! I just love your crossstitch project! Very pretty!I also love to crossstitch,but rarely have time. So glad I stopped by. Love all the things you create. You're so talented!
    Feel better!
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  13. Hi Pei Li, Very, very pretty and your miniatures are amazing. Hope you are feeling better. ~ Miles of Smiles ~

  14. Wow Pei Li,,, you do beautiful cross stitch. I used to do it more, but boy my eyes dont care for it. LOL Plus I am so slow at it. Your work is gorgeous, cant wait to see the rest of the series, I really hope your feeling better!!! luv, gail

  15. How lovely Pei Li,
    As usual your work is a study in perfection. I hope you are feeling 100 percent soon.
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  16. Pei Li.....I'm sorry you have been sick and hope you are feeling well again soon. Your cross-stitch is beautiful!

    Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor

  17. Just beautiful Pei Li! I hope you're feeling much better and that you'll be completely well in no time! xoxo


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