Thursday, December 17, 2009

An even smaller profiteroles tower

I like to please, and I try my best, wherever possible. So when I knew that my current profiteroles tower would be too "large" to fit on the counter display shelf, I had a strong desire to make a smaller, shorter version. I think it looks pretty cute at only 3cm tall. I took a photo to show the height/size comparison with my current tower. ;)

I'm going to make more of these smaller version ones next year. In fact I have another version that I wanted to try, but never had the time to really sit down to experiment. It's still in my list to do!


  1. I dare say that I love the smaller one better. But they are both overcute. Rosanna

  2. I will say it again... you are amazing. I would love to watch you create these masterpieces.
    big bunny hugs to you my friend,

  3. Love the tower cakes, smaller or taller, I love all your work !
    Have a great week end Pei Li !

  4. awesome possum! no matter what you make, they are AWESOME! XD

  5. All your works look so yummy I think I can eat them! Now I'm craving for cakes and desserts..

    Have a blessed Christmas~
    Rheea :)

  6. I discovered your wonderful blog and I love the realism of your miniatures! And I love the soft colors of the profiteroles tower!


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