Thursday, January 6, 2011

Workshop + Tea Party Coming Soon ~ Selangor

Happy New Year to all again, and sorry for the lack of posting!

I have been very busy and exhausted for a few weeks. I was away on vacation, but then I rushed back for my grandmother's wake and funeral...that's why I have been missing in action. Before I know it, it's back to work again. I'm still trying to get things together ready for this year.

But first, I'm very excited to share something with you. I am planning to hold a 1:12 miniature workshop + tea party in Malaysia. It will be held in Selangor. The date has been fixed in March, it will be a Saturday. Of course, what is a tea party without food?! Lunch and tea will be provided.

The idea came about together with my friend Joanna last year. We conceptualized it, and came up with everything, food menu, tea break menu, etc.

If you are living in that area and had always wanted to take a miniature art class, we really would love you to join us for a fun-filled lovely Saturday learning and hanging out with us!

Details coming soon... so please stay tuned! :D


  1. Happy New year!
    It's a pity I live in france, your workshop seems very interesting.

  2. Hi Genevieve,

    Happy New Year and thanks for dropping by! Hopefully someday I will be able to travel around to teach and can come to France! :)

    Pei Li

  3. I am sorry Pei for your loss during this time but your workshop sounds very cool! I hope you will all have a blast!

  4. Hi Betty!

    Happy New Year! Thanks for kind words. I hope the workshop will kick off smoothly too!

    Pei Li


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