Monday, June 27, 2011

French Rustic Trays

I've been busy the last week making french rustic trays. After making them in dollhouse miniature scale, I received a request to have them made in larger scales. I'm thrilled by such requests, because I've not studied woodwork in a traditional way, but I just love making dollhouse miniature woodwork items. To have someone who likes them enough to want them in larger scale is a really big deal for me honestly. I'm really thankful for such opportunities to expand and challenge myself a little :)

This time round, I made them in 2 different larger sizes. As you can see in the photo, I've put the 2 smaller size french rustic trays on the big one!! And yes, that's how big I made it, and it's the first time I made something so big that even my mom exclaimed that it was big. LOL. My mom have been so used to seeing dollhouse miniature scale items that she knows for now, how small things should be! But I'm so happy and proud of my accomplishment.

Can you spot the dollhouse miniature french rustic tray there?

My sweet friend Jacqueline has some interesting ideas with the french rustic tray on the left (in the photo below). The package has just left my home today, and is on its way to her.

If you would like to find out what she's going to create with that, keep a lookout on her blog! More will be revealed when it is ready :)

I now have to create another BIG tray, which is also going to be a custom order for another dear friend. She has some different ideas on how she would like to use it as well, and again more would be revealed as we have photos to show!

I just love all the different ideas people have about my french rustic trays! :) It's so exciting!


  1. Adorable trays. They can only inspire projects adorable :-)
    Mini (and large) hugs, Flora

  2. Que charolas más lindas!!!!

  3. Dearest sweet pei li, i am so anxious, excited and always looking out for the mail man! haha I can't wait to see these trays in person and i know i am just gonna fall in love with them! I also can't wait to start work on our little project together! *happy*

    You are so amazing and im just so blessed to have a talented friend like you! Thanks so much for making these trays and accepting to work on the project with me!

    Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!



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