Thursday, November 10, 2011

After The Rain

Just last week, I had a chance to take some photos just after the rain.

I love the smell of the air after the rain and how everything is clean and green.

On my way to my favourite jogging track

I was just intrigued by this and wanted to capture this moment..

The dried grass on these little steps is a huge contrast to the green grass right next to it.

I was on my way to try to take a few more photos of the flowers, but then 2 of these creatures caught my attention. They were actually looking in my direction, and to be honest, I was a little taken aback because I have jogged this route many times and had never once saw these squirrels before. They must have came out for food after the rain as well. It was really a rare sight!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I too love the rain! Hugs!

  2. Great photography! Love seeing that green...all I see today outside my window is white! ; )

  3. Thanks all! I really do love showing you other things, things that appeal and interests me. I hope to show you guys more in the days to come!

    Pei Li

  4. The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Hello Pei Li! I´m always glad to see that there´s a new post from you as usually this means something beautifully for my eyes. That´s true for your miniatures and it is for your photos too. Thanks for sharing your pics, I really enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing!
    P.S. Those squirrels where actually aliens on an adventure trip. Good, that they did not catch you!!!

  6. Your photos are really lovely, Pei Li! You've captured something really special with them! :-)

  7. Dearest sweet pei li, such beautiful moments you have captured with your camera! I love that shot of the dried grass with the gorgeous green at the background. :) Thanks so much for sharing sweet friend! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  8. How gorgeous! What a lovely photographer you are!


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