Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dollhouse Herb Wooden Vintage Crates

I had so much fun making mini things like this. I saw some herb theme inspired decor in real life size and wanted to make some in dollhouse miniature size. I especially love the wordings on them, which is lovely and uplifting! I hope these positive wordings will find a place in your doll house, and the same uplifting energy can be channeled into there as well.

For a change, I decided to use a new color on these crates. I think they are great for summer.

I love the fact there are so many ways to use and style them. I have another vase, so I might offer another set with those accessories in it soon.

These vintage style herb crates offer a special bit of rustic charm to your dollhouse decor.

I hope they bring a smile to your face!

Happy mid-week all!


  1. Oh i love these tooo....so pretty and gorgeous color. Happy mid week and love to you.


  2. These are very pretty and summery. I love the wording on them.

  3. These are so pretty! Love your photography too :o)

  4. Beautiful work! Are the peonies and Wooden Vintage Crates for sale on your website as I couldn't see them there?

  5. Hi Mares,

    Thanks for reading my blog post and so glad you love the crates. They are up on my website now, http://peiliminiatures.com/category_4/Dollhouse-Miniature-Accessories.htm

  6. Thank you re the crates! I also would like to purchase the peonies, are they on the site now as well?

  7. Hi Mares,

    The listing is amended here.

    The purchase is for the 3 crates and for the bouquet of peonies.

    The glassware is not for sale as it is my only one.

    Thank you!


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