Monday, August 10, 2009

Moo Cards!

As I promised, a photo of the moo cards I made...I was pleased with them!

I guess the coolest thing was that you can pick more than 1 photo to be used for your namecards, something very different from the traditional way of making namecards.

I had a good relaxing 3 day weekend holiday. Much needed actually. I indulged in listening to music, lots of it actually, reading, browsing magazines, plotting my next purchase (always so exciting), and crafting of course. Wished I had more time to do everything I love, but isn't it always about time management?


  1. Hi Pei Li,
    Glad you had a nice week end !
    I love the cakes so I love the moo cards, of course !

  2. Oh, they look great! Actually my first thought was that they each needed a picture frame. ; )

  3. It looks elegant and professional!
    I will have a try when I need it!


  4. Pei li those cards are just precious! Moo cards are so fun!
    bunny hugs,


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