Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Playing Santarina

I made a little sale on Monday, but guess where I spent the money immediately?

I chanced upon the MakeMinePink Angel Family 2009 project, and saw there were still empty spots for donation items.

Each year MMP holds an Angel Family drive to make Christmas special for others in need. Last year we out did ourselves! It was magical and heartwarming. We helped quite a few people enjoy Christmas.

So basically there are a few families that need help and the members of the families would have a list of needs/wants. You pick what you are able to donate/giveaway.

I picked to buy some makeup for a 16 year old teenage girl. I didn't feel confident to get items like clothes or shoes as the sizes here would be very different, so I picked a category that I was confident instead. I wrote Joyce an email immediately, she gave the go ahead and off I went getting the items during lunch hour. :D I managed to get a cheek blusher, nail polish, eye shadow quad and a duo wand lipgloss. :) It was the first time I'm shopping cosmetics for a teenager but it was really fun. I reminded myself to pick sweet colours, colours that young girls would adore.

I didn't manage to take a photo as I was in a hurry to put it in the mail!! I hope it gets there safely!

Image courtesy of Make Mine Pink


  1. What a fun way to brighten up someone's holiday season!! I bet she'll love whatever you bought her. Hope you bought eyeliner! ;)

  2. You are such a giving soul! Many many blessings be returned to you!


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