Sunday, November 15, 2009

Show and Tell Monday ~ 1:12 Scale Dessert Mousse Cups

I had a productive weekend. I skipped a week's class and stayed home to complete some outstanding tasks, as well as run some errands nearby. I also had the chance to experiment on dollhouse miniature scale dessert mousse cups. I have been obssessed about them again lately, and started making them in different flavours. One of the challenges I face was, how do I do multiple layers within 1.2cm? How do you decorate the top when the width of the top of the cup is only about 0.6cm? I start from the bottom layer, let it dry, before I attempt the 2nd layer. It's time consuming, and you have to be patient. There were several occasions where I didn't like the first layer, and I remove it before I restart all over again.

These are the latest mousse cup desserts I've made. I'm currently making blueberry ones (another experimental breakthrough). More pictures, hopefully next week when I complete them!

It's hard to tell from the photos, but these cups are really only 1.4cm tall.

Chocolate Trio Mousse Cup Desserts ~ SOLD

Strawberry Mousse Cup Desserts

Strawberry Mousse Cup Desserts can be purchased at my etsy shop :


  1. Pei Li

    Those are absolutely amazing! They look so realistic. I can hardly wait to see the blueberry ones.

    Pale Pink And Roses

  2. Hi Pei Li,,,, I just love your new creations. These are so clever. You must have more patience than everyone! Cant wait to see the blueberry ones too.
    Happy creating, gail

  3. WOW, I want to eat them, they look amazing! Too bad they are not editable - hugs sassy gail

  4. love them, so real, so so so cute!

  5. You are amazing!!! Both look good enough to eat! I can't believe what you do in minature.

  6. I LOVE you mousse cups - they are so realistic I want to have one! I am amazed at your items. You are REALLY talented.
    Mary Patterson

  7. Oh no. Mousse! What will you think of next. Pei Li, they are so perfect and realistic.

  8. Your creations look good enough to eat, beautiful as always.

  9. We always called these parfaits.

    They look delicious, by the way. :)

  10. Oh my..... I might just need to buy myself a christmas present. ;) Wonderful work!!

  11. Pei Li I love them! I think the chocoalte one's are my favorite. I wish I could eat one right now!
    Beautiful as always my friend!
    bunny hugs,


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