Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shabby Chic Trays- Non Miniature

Sorry for the lack of posting! I have been busy working on a couple of projects again. I promised to take a few photos the last time to show what I've been working on.

My sweet friend Jacqueline wanted some shabby chic trays to go along to display her brooch pieces. I am so delighted with the opportunity and jumped onto it! This is actually the 2nd non-miniature size wood work I've done, but I'm so excited. Initially I was thinking of using paper, but due to the size of the trays, I suggested to use fabrics instead. I have a big basket of cotton fabrics which I have collected over the years, and this was a great chance to work with them.
I want to thank Jacqueline for giving me this chance to work on something different - non miniature scale. I really enjoyed myself and had fun working on this project! Thank you again :)

The trays are 5cm wide and 21 cm long.

I selected various feminine pink fabric styles and here are the 4 different ones that were chosen.

They are ready to be packed and off to a good home now :)

Stay tuned my friends...Upcoming next is a free giveaway open to all my blog readers to celebrate the milestone of hitting 351 readers! :)


  1. They turned out beautiful! I love the fabric, good choise!
    Your friend will be happy!
    * marlies

  2. Hi Marlies,

    Thanks for visiting and for leaving me the sweet comments. Yes, I hope my friend will love them when she receives it :)
    Have a great week!

    Hi Kathy,
    Thanks, I'm glad you like them too!

    Pei Li

  3. I love these trays and i can just see your friend lining them with her brooches! The fabrics that you chose are wonderful!!

  4. Hi Patty,

    Thanks for dropping by and glad that you like the trays too!

    Pei Li

  5. Dearest sweet sweet Pei Li, these trays turn out gorgeous and soo beautiful! I am looking forward to receiving these and i just know they will look great with my brooches! You are truly awesome sweet friend and i just LOVE everything you create.
    Thanks so much for making this possible for me. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!



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