Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Building Ruki's Bakery

My last post regarding building Ruki's Bakery was about her dollhouse bakery window. You can read more here. I actually completed it and moved onto the actual bakery shelf - which was exciting to me for many reasons.

Did I want 1 or 2 shelves, what colour would it be and other endless questions came to my mind. I finally sat down and started making it. :)

In the end, I made a bigger one first, and followed by a smaller one. The idea was that I wanted a L shape counter, which was why I ended up making 2 shelves. ----> Have to make MORE cakes, desserts and pastries to fill it up.

Here in this photo is the smaller shelf.

I'm not even done with the entire L shape concept yet as I'm still I'll show more when it's done.


Fabiola said...

Nice job.
Bye Faby

Jackie said...

I love it! Nice work!


Jackie said...

Nice work, very neat and precise! :D


Jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet pei li, it looks great!! I can' wait to see more. Happy mother's day sweet friend! May it be wonderful and all things sweet! Love to you!