Friday, February 15, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Supply - Pistachio Nuts Supply Kit for Miniature Cakes

While working on a dollhouse miniature cake a little while ago, I suddenly had this idea to develop the pistachio nuts into a supply kit for those who are making dollhouse miniature cakes ^^

I created and put one up on my site for sale, and it was snapped up almost right away :)

I made it really super easy for all to use.

How to use:
  • Simply slice a few thin slices off each cane and dice them into smaller bits. 
  • Apply a thin layer of glue on your cake and glue the bits onto your cake.

No fuss, No baking required!

This is suitable for both air dry clay and polymer clay projects. But for polymer clay projects, just make sure that this is the final step for your project. Use this supply kit AFTER you have baked your project, since this doesn't require baking.

I wasn't sure back then if there would be a demand for it so I just tested it.

And I have also received feedback from Luned Davis who have purchased and used it which made me really happy. ^^ Feedback can be found in my Etsy shop or on my Facebook Fan Page.

"The canes have arrived and I am delighted would recommend them to everyone but that is only to be expected as everything you make is wonderful and I am delighted with my many buys from you. Thank you so much."

This pistachio nuts supply kit is currently available in my Etsy shop



  1. Dearest sweet Pei Li, this is such a wonderful idea and a really awesome kit!! It's always such sweet joy to see your customer's feedback. I totally agree with her that everything you make is just beautiful!! Have a beautiful day and happy 7th day of chinese new year! Love to you!


  2. I love what you do ! It's fantasticly beautiful and cute :)

  3. Es una verdadera maravilla. Es como si fuera de verdad.


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