Thursday, February 28, 2013

Miniature Dollhouse Furniture - 1:12 Scale Kitchen Cabinet

Working on miniature dollhouse furniture gives me immense joy, and I get so happy whenever I get to finish a piece each time.

When I first started out this piece, I had a vision of something soft blue ~ and that's why this piece is predominantly painted with a really soft blue shade. Knowing it would be pretty dull if I painted the entire piece the same colour, I broke up parts of it where I can introduce another colour in - white.

I also wanted the center hollow part to be highlighted and  thus picked a floral wall paper that matches this colour scheme. I like this look :)

The cabinet doors are completely functional - it was a challenge for the upper doors, since they were much smaller and comes with a see through pane where you can peer into the shelves ;) But I believe it adds a charm to this piece.

I personally like the detachable countertop which can be removed conveniently if you choose to. But I can imagine your doll working on something yummy and need that little extra countertop :))

Making things like this is exciting - I like transforming things and making them into a visual treat. I like looking at home decor websites and take elements from here and there and putting it into pieces like this.

So yes, I believe I'm gonna make more of them, and of course for myself too. Just wondering if I should attempt a pink theme, what do you think? Too feminine?

This piece of miniature dollhouse furniture can be found in the Miniature Kitchen section of my shop or Etsy shop.


  1. I love your perfect job!

  2. Dearest sweet Pei Li, this piece is just beautiful!! You are so amazing! And yes to a soft pink one! I especially love the detectable countertop! Love to you!



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