Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Food Ring - French Toast

This food ring wasn't in my list of to-do....but just the other day, I was in an experimental mood. I was itching to try something different, failing and learning something new in the process. And that day, I was just in that mood. I had some air dry clay toasts in front of me (uncoloured). Rather than smearing some peanut butter or jam on it, I decided to experiment making them into french toast.

My mom makes them occasionally using "old" bread - meaning the bread are close to the date of expiry or bread that we simply haven't been able to finish within a few days. We never use fresh bread to make french toast, just because it's a "waste" to fry them while they are still fresh and soft.

Our recipe is simple and with no frills. Beat an egg, dip the bread into it and fry till it's golden crispy brown. We love eating it with maple syrup on the top!

So my inspiration came from remembering how our french toast look like.

And here's my french toast food ring! A little burnt on the sides ^^

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