Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Visit to Gardens By The Bay

A little while back, I went to Gardens By The Bay for the very first time. It had always been one of my wish to visit ever since it was opened, but I just never had the time to do so. But I was glad to visit during this time of the year as they had christmas decorations in the garden ^^

There are several options which one could pick. I only visited 2 domes, as I didn't want to rush through my visit. I'm glad I did that, as I took my time to admire the indoor and outdoor gardens. By the way, the outdoor gardens are free of charge, and one can reach there by crossing the linkway bridge at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. I didn't know about this until I ventured on this trip.

The 2 domes were air-conditioned (what a blessing!) and I enjoyed the cool air. The first dome had lots of flowers, cactus plants, succulent plants, and christmas plants as well.

A point to note, most plants are actually displayed above ground level and I wonder if the reason for that is so that people won't be able to touch them easily.

I enjoyed admiring the various succulent plants up close.

This looks like a gigantic ginger plant.

After going through the succulent plants area, I looked at flowers and leafy plants, but I only took a few photos.

I'm lucky that there wasn't many people in the gardens on the day I visited, so walking in the domes were really nice.
 People admiring christmas plants on the lower deck

Poinsettia Christmas Tree

Assorted plants tucked in a little corner

After lunch, I went to the 2nd dome which is called Cloud Forest. I didn't take lots of pictures here because it was more wet and slippery, so I was more careful with my camera. But I enjoyed walking on the high pathway which overlooks the city.

I hope you enjoyed the short little trail with me. This is definitely a place I would visit again just because it's so fun. Smelling the plants and flowers makes me happy!


  1. I have been there last year and it was truly precious.
    Season's greetings, Rosanna


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