Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fake Raspberries Made With Air Dry Clay

This is my first ever attempt making life size fake raspberries for a new fake food project. Because it was my first time, I found it tedious making the first raspberry. Everything is hand made. I made it while watching a movie, or rather more like listening to it. I timed myself and it took probably an hour to make about 3 raspberries. But I discovered that the second and third raspberry took less time to make, and as I practice more, it gets easier. I can't wait to assemble the whole thing, so I will persevere.

I need MORE, so I'm going to make more raspberries now!


  1. La verdad es que se ven muy reales! aunque tengan mucho trabajo merece la pena probar a hacerlos. Un abrazo


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