Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Can you spot the mistake?

I'm back from my vacation! I am feeling so happy and grateful. The older I get, my kind of ideal vacation changes. I'm more interested in experiencing and learning new things. I did a lot of those things on this trip. I ventured and discovered new places on my own, which I'm really proud of. I also managed to attend a talk about aquaponics and learned new things. Having a curiosity about life and things makes us alive! There were a couple more talks I wanted to go to but I was pressed with time.  

Today, I wanted to show you a dollhouse miniature watering can I made recently.

When I was being pointed out the mistake I made, my first reaction was laughing out loud. I could imagine this in real life, and it would be hilarious. The one and only silly watering can - handmade by me.

But I find this so precious, and I'll always keep it by my side. It's a piece that holds so many valuable lessons for me - finding laughter in the "mistakes" we make, taking ourselves less seriously, viewing life with curiosity.
I find these values important. :)

When I showed it to my mom and brother and asked them to spot the mistake, honestly they were staring at it and did not spot the obvious mistake. They talked about the sprout, how the angle wasn't right, etc. But it wasn't that. I guess only those who are into gardening could tell easily.

I'll leave you to make a guess!


  1. Hmm...the spout is on the same side as the opening, so the water will spill out when tipped. :] But, honestly, it's still beautiful. And, maybe it was meant like the flower a magician wears that squirts you with water. :D

  2. Bingo! Spot on! So funny isn't it? You're the first person who guessed correctly. Most people guessed the handle. :)

  3. I figured it out too but I think that if you fill it with plants that spill over the edge, then no one will think anything of it. :))


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