Monday, June 1, 2015

Dollhouse Accessories - French Style Wrought Iron Grill Door

The french style wrought iron grill door in dollhouse miniature scale is by far, definitely the most challenging things to make. There is quite a bit of technical things to study on the subject of soldering itself, materials to use and while in the process of making, there is definitely going to be a learning curve. Time wise, it's also definitely more time consuming. Soldering alone may have taken me an hour. You do really need to have good eyesight to see all the joints and a steady hand to accurately touch on those joints.

Local craft shops also don't really carry the proper full range of materials needed, so some items have to be sourced online.

But, challenges and hard work aside, I've always been fascinated with the french style wrought iron grills, that are commonly found and seen in foreign antique flea markets. Very old pieces are refurbished and sold as home decor pieces. I find them adoring.

I figured this would also be something nice to be placed and decorated in dollhouses!

I'm excited with the many ideas and possibilities that one can make with wrought iron grills, so I hope I can expand more on the ideas.

I'm definitely still learning and enjoying the process. I'll be sure to post more photos when I've made new pieces!


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