Monday, December 19, 2016

Playmobil Doll With My Macaron Tower

My aunt collects Playmobil dolls. Sometime ago, she passed me some baker dolls for photo taking with my miniatures. Finally I got around to it. For some reason, I thought they were Lego dolls. That goes to show how much I know about dolls..:p

According to Wikipedia, Playmobil dolls are 1:24 scale dolls. Perfect! I've always wanted to make some 1:24 scale items, so maybe this will be a great visual guide for me!

I got her to pose with my macaron tower. It fits nicely into the tray! :)

I think, in reality, there are some items that belongs to the 1:12 scale that may fit with this.

I also had this male baker to pose with my metal whisk. It would not fit nicely in his hand grip, so I turned his hand around so that the whisk stays.

Next, I would love to see how my bouquets fit the Playmobil dolls. When I was at my aunt's house yesterday, I did saw the plastic bouquets that came along with the dolls. I am quite sure the size of my miniature bouquets would fit after looking at those that came along with the dolls, but I'll take some photos really soon!

Have a beautiful week everyone!


  1. Some scale items seem to be able to cross over easier than others.
    Your 1/2 scale macaron tower is very delicately colored and very YUMMY looking.
    Your aunt's little lady looks pleased to be in charge of it too! :))

  2. Dear Elizabeth,

    Thanks for visiting me! You are right, some objects are able to cross over easily than others. It's always a joy to find out an item you have had is able to! :)
    Wishing you happy holidays!


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