Friday, May 9, 2008


One of the things I enjoy doing on my learning trips is going to one of their popular malls - and there is a food market on the basement in the mall. There are a few unique and exquisite confectionary counters over there and I like to look and study the popular trends of their confectionery pastries and cakes. As you know, I have a fondness for cakes, pastries (even if I don't have a huge appetite!) and being an artisan, I like looking at it and thinking of how to make them. I also collect cake brochures, pamphlets as my studying material. On this trip, I realized the difference between what is popular in Singapore versus what is popular in Hong Kong.

I realized that Stick Cakes is very popular in Hong Kong right now. What is a stick cake? The main difference is in its size. It is longer, but much slimmer, hence it looks much more exquisite than a normal slice of cake. It is certainly popular for ladies who can't resist having a bite of the cake, yet wanting a smaller portion than a normal slice. There is a counter in the basement of the mall that sells solely Stick Cakes.

I promise I will take pictures of my work soon...I just haven't due to lack of sunlight by the time I reach home in the evening!

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  1. Pei Li

    The stick cakes look delicious. They are so colorful and pretty. I bet they were gorgeous in person.



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