Sunday, May 18, 2008

Show and Tell Monday

It's Monday again which means it's Show and Tell! For us at Make Mine Pink, Show and Tell Monday is a day where we share and blog about what we have done in the past week, it could be anything.

This piece was also made in Hong Kong. I know it's a tad early for Christmas, LoL but I wanted to learn it in advance for this year. Also, I plan to make a few variations to this. I'm currently obsessed with doors. I brought the piece back home to make further reinforcement work to the cake. What happened was that the clay didn't dry quickly enough for me to slice and decorate, so my teacher told me it would be best to let it dry completely before doing anything.

I had a hard time deciding what colour I wanted for this. I was torn between this and pink. But knowing I would be making another Pink Door, I decided to change this time and opted for a mint green. Now, I also have plans to make a Blue, Turquoise, Purple, Yellow Door. I think the different colours would bring out different feel to the piece.

The original design was slightly different from mine. I wanted Macarons, and so I made a Macaron mountain. I so love it! It's colourful and look yummy.

I started work on my Pink hopefully I have something to show soon.

Measurements for this piece: 15.2cm (height) by 5.9cm (width)


  1. Pei Li,That is a beautiful Christmas vignette! You never cease to amaze me with your work! I love the door, too. Glad you chose the green...

  2. Pei Li

    I love your Christmas miniature. It's out of this world. As far as I'm concerned it's never to early for Christmas.


  3. That's absolutely beautiful. I can't believe the detail in such small scale. The gingerbread men on the tree.. How amazing.

  4. Again, I am amazed at you miniature designs. That door is awsome. You are very talented.

  5. Pei Li,

    This is so beautiful. I love the details and the little cakes are so pretty! I can't wait for Christmas! Have a great day!

  6. Pei Li,
    Your work never fails to amaze me. It is so beautiful and so intricate. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Oh my, That is just beautiful. Your work is amazing....
    Have a beautiful day!
    Pink Hugs,

  8. Pei Li,
    Your artistry is simply amazing. I couldn't even see to do the work you do. And the door looks real.
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  9. Pei Lei, you are amazing! You do such gorgeous work. I always chuckle when I see your profile, "as aspiring miniature artisan". What are you going to be doing when you get there??


  10. WOW! Pei Li, I just love your work! It is beautiful and never too early...
    Thanks for stopping by too!
    Cindy :)

  11. Wow! Your work always amazes me I don't know how you do it most people have a hard time decorating and creating vignettes in full size but you pull it off beautifully in miniature! Just lovely, lovely!!

  12. Pei Li,,, the detail in your work amazes me. These are truly great works of art!!! I wish you the best luck with your new hugs, gail

  13. Wow, that is amazing how you do those!

  14. I love them. You do such a great job. Nice work as always.

  15. The details are amazing. What skill...and patience!

  16. Hi Pei Li....that is just lovely! Thanks for sharing with us here. :)

    Pink hugs,

  17. Pei Li,

    It's never to early to get started on Christmas. Even though it's the same time every year, it always seems to be here before I know it!

    This vignette is just scrumptious!


  18. I love your work, Pei li! Have you seen the Paris Breakfast blog? It might inspire you with colors & pasteries.

  19. Absolutely Fabulous!! A door to a fairy world of fantastic confections!!
    Hugs, xoxoxo


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