Monday, October 19, 2009

1:12 Scale Deep Fried Breaded Chicken Thigh

Due to my recent classes on Saturday, I'm always in a rush for lunch. My class starts at 1pm. I usually have a light breakfast early in the morning, finish some chores and rush out to have lunch and then go for classes. A couple of times, I was terribly hungry, and had a craving for deep fried chicken chop. I passed by this Japanese restaurant, that serves pretty reasonable lunch set. I remembered their deep fried chicken was sooo good. Hence I was very inspired to make this.

A large serving of greens by the side, with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and a slice of hard boil egg. I like my dressing by the side, so I added some thousand island salad sauce by the side.

Plus, a slice of lemon so that you can squeeze it right on top of the chicken top!



  1. That looks wonderful...I have never known miniature food to make me hungry....but this does!!!

  2. LOL we just never know what delightful little thing you will come up with next !!!



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