Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature - English Tea Cart Trolley

I had a wonderful and busy weekend! I finally finished a whole range of macaron clay jewelry which will be making its way to Australia later this week! I will share more photos soon.

But first, I wanted to introduce you this piece of dollhouse miniature which I have completed a while ago. An English Tea Cart Trolley.

The truth was, I had the trolley completed last year, without all the miniature food on it. I was looking for inspiration.

One of the Sundays, after my usual cleaning and dusting, I finally sat down, determined to do something with it :)

And sure enough, once I had the tray paper on it, inspiration came quickly and I managed to have the whole piece ready fairly quickly.

I am thrilled and excited with this piece. It's a working trolley, with real functional wheels.

I had fun hand mixing all the colours of the dollhouse miniature macarons and cakes, so that everything fitted the English Rose theme.

Available at my dollhouse miniatures shop.

I hope you like it! I will also be making another piece and that will be made into a class workshop too. For those who are interested to learn how to make this English Tea Cart Trolley cart, do look out for it!

Love those macaron colours

My hand in the picture


PFx said...

Cuppa tea Sir?
Yes Indeed.
Ah Charming!
Hahaha. Your cart puts me in the mood for English imagination.

Jessica said...

Who knew they even made wheels that tiny! It's beautiful!

Maria Ireland said...

Its gorgeous. I love the details and colours. Hugs Maria

malu2 said...

Perfecto y precioso!!!!!Besos.

Patty said...

I really love this cart! The shape of it is so it from a kit? You decorated it perfectly and I am ready for high tea!!! All of the goodies look scrumptious!!

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Precioso trabajo!

miniacollection said...

It is perfect and gorgeous. I love the colours of the cakes.

Jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet pie li, aaa your cart trolley is awesome and with functional wheels ~ totally COOL!! A new class so jealous of your lucky students. :D Have a lovely merry happy week sweet friend! Love to you!


Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...


Stella said...

Love it! Everything form the soft colors to the working wheels - such a gorgeous piece!