Thursday, August 18, 2011


Mauve...There are just so many shades and tones of it. Sometimes it can be greyish, sometimes it's purplish.

It seems Mauve is the "in" colour for this Autumn season.

Mauve reminds me of...


A nice mauve rose
Source: weheartit

Mauve Dress

Source: ModCloth

A nice beautiful shade of mauve nail polish
Source: Zoya

Then a few days ago, a sweet customer approached me to commission some food jewelry - mauve macaron ring. She showed me a photo with the most breath-taking mauve colour I've ever seen, and I jumped right into it, making her a mauve macaron ring! Because I'm so inspired, I will make the whole range of macaron rings from that photo.

Can't wait to dive right into it, but first I have to finish some pending work...


  1. I love that color! Especially when the shade is almost gray and it's difficult to tell if it's really purple or not.


  2. Gorgeous! Found you over on the Etsy Talent Hunt team, and will definitely be back =).


  3. Fantastic colour!!! Your ring is very very beautiful!!!

  4. Ow! So that's mauve... I've always thought it's a aquamarine kinda colour or magenta ish... Hmmm.
    I think I can associate the colour with a person who's cyanotic, scary; but I like the colour.

  5. Dearest sweet pei li, Mauve is really such a gorgeous pretty color! I love how you play and experiment with colors. So very inspiring! Loving your gorgeous macaroon ring! Have a beautiful sunday sweet friend! Love to you!



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