Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good bye dear friend...

I just found out that one of my overseas friend has passed away...and actually he left 2 years ago. How did I not know about it? Well, obviously I don't know his parents personally although we always chatted about our families. In the past few years, we would chat when we were on facebook at the same time, which is rather difficult as my friend is in New Zealand which is one of the most difficult time zones to coordinate a chat with. We never talked as regularly as we used to like 5-6 years ago but whenever we did finally had the chance to catch up, we were like two old friends catching up from where we left. It was never awkward. Not everyone's facebook feed shows up on mine, and just a few months ago, I thought about him. I wondered what he was doing as it has been a long time since we last chat.

I'm obviously saddened by the news, because I didn't expect to know it through facebook.

It was his birthday today, if he was still around...he would have been 40 years ago.

His birthday reminder pops up, and I sent a Happy Birthday greetings to him. Out of curiosity, I clicked on his profile. Some folks said "I miss you." Something is amiss. I scrolled down further and read his brother's message and found out he left us in 2011. My last chat with him was just 2 months before he left....and it was still in my facebook chat. Everything came back fresh in my mind and I felt very sad.

The last time we chatted, Glen was his usual self. Always positive, cheerful and optimistic. He was one of the earliest person who knew about my passion and dreams and encouraged me to go for it. I will always remember this, that he was there when I was at the down periods in my life, giving me lots of support. He was a great friend and listener. I'm sad that I don't have the chance to say good bye to him, but his spirit will live in my heart. It was an honor and privilege to have him as my friend.

He would want me to do more of what I love everyday, without a moment of regret. He would want me to live a colouful and meaningful life. The last time we chatted, he was very happy and proud of my accomplishments, even though they were nothing grandiose.

Thank you for being such an amazing sweet friend, Glen. I will certainly miss you. I will cherish all our conversations, secrets and dreams we shared. But I will not forget your spirit, and strive to lead a meaningful life.


  1. Oh sweet Pei Li, i am so sorry to hear of this sad news. It made me teary and reminded me of the sentiment how precious our lives are and how we should really appreciate and treasure the time we spend with our love ones and friends. I wish i am there to give yo a big big hug. Sending you lots of love and happy thoughts your way! Hugz and kisses.


  2. Thanks Jacqueline for your sweet kind message ((HUGS)). I'm much better today, yesterday was terrible. I still think about my friend on and off today, but I know he is smiling at me up there. :)

  3. Wu are so far but we are so present...


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