Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lati Doll Food - Black Cherries Cake

I was working on this Lati Doll Food on and off for a while before I left for my holidays. Sometimes a piece of art has its own story, some longer than others, while some have shorter ones. This piece is extremely memorable to me as I was working on it while going through a very stressful period in my life. So, this piece holds a lot of sentimental value and I will always remember this. 

This black cherries cake is modeled after a real cake photo which was requested by my sweet friend Jacqueline. When I first saw it, I thought the real challenge were the black cherries, since it was something I've never done before. The colour of the cherries is tricky, as it's not entirely black, but really a very deep dark purplish red. There isn't an acrylic colour that offers that particular shade, so it means I have to create the shade myself. And when I started working on this cake, I realize there was another challenge - cutting through the cake layers so that it is straight and not crooked...

Working on a 1:12 dollhouse miniature scale and working on a Lati Doll scale still has its own set of different challenges altogether, as I realized. The method that worked so well for the 1:12 dollhouse scale did not work well on a Lati Doll scale. Thus I had to find solutions to solve it.

Along the way, I made mistakes - which meant that I had to re-start all over again. ;)

But to be honest, I was determined to work and find a solution, although I am apologetic to my friend that I took longer than usual to think about it, experiment further and making it as nice as possible.

I am grateful for this challenge though, because not only I found a solution that works, but it increased my knowledge about handling larger size cakes and I think that knowledge is immensely important to me and I am truly grateful for, honestly.

I think that's how I learn - through making mistakes and discovering new ways to do certain things. I also realized that being curious and playful are wonderful, positive and powerful traits to have in this art.

Now that I discovered how to create this in a Lati-scale, I want to re-create this in 1:12 dollhouse scale soon.. The black cherries are calling out to me :)


  1. Dearest sweet Pei Li, i want you to know that you are so inspiring, beautiful and talented.

    Thank YOU so so much for working so very hard on this little cake for my girls. I really truly appreciate it so much and i will treasure always. I feel so very very lucky to have this precious piece.

    I am so sorry to hear that you were going thru a hard time. I hope things are much brighter and better now for you after the vacation. Sending lots of LOVE your way!

    Have a beautiful week sweet sweet sweet friend!
    Love to you!


  2. Hello dearest Pei Li,

    Is my first time to say hello to you!:) Your works just so delicated and beautiful lovely! LOVE them very much. You're one of the artisan I'm admired so much.

    Have a nice day

    Pui Yie

  3. Your cake is perfect and delicious.
    Bye, Faby

  4. C'est incroyable comme on dirait un vrai. BRAVO!!


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