Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Wooden Words

I'm excited to show you some of the dollhouse miniature wooden words I've made. This was one of those projects which I've set aside for the longest time, and then when I got back from vacation one day, I figured that I wanted to accomplish one of these projects. So here I am ;)

There are some new miniature words, and some old ones too.

I remembered posting on my facebook a while ago, asking for words suggestion. I said I will mail out the word to whoever suggested it, if I did finally manage to cut it. The only word that was possible (for this round) was Peace. So that will be mailed out :)

What are some other words that you would like to see to be made into dollhouse miniatures? Not all can be done, as there are still technical constraints to this.

Dream was, surprisingly very popular in the last round.

LOVE was too.

Fleur was something I also included in the last round, but this time round, I also made it into another typefont. It looks nice. This is slightly bigger.

A side by side comparison of the 2 "Fleur" sizes.

And, last one for the day, is Peace...

I'll be slowly listing them in my shop here. :)


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