Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Miniature Creme Brulee Experimentation

Last night, I had to do a little experiment in preparation for another workshop this coming weekend. It happens. Sometimes I face a situation whereby a product that I use is discontinued and I can no longer find that available. So it's either I find a replacement or find a new method. And yesterday, I found a new method to make the dollhouse miniature creme brulee looking realistic.

Before I started my experiment, I had to find a miniature cup. I decided to use whatever I had on hand, that isn't plastic for this experiment. I used a UV resin cup that I made myself using this miniature cup mold sometime ago for this experiment.

Then I started my experiment. I was thrilled with my result!

Very very pleased that I could find another way to do what I needed to do, even when a supply is no longer made available. 

Will be a fun class this weekend!


  1. Good work Pei Li! It's always frustrating when something you love becomes unavailable, but you've made the best of the situation and your creme brulee looks devine!

  2. It looks TOTALLY REALISTIC! I don't know how you did it, Pei Li but the final results are Fabulous! :D


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