Thursday, April 23, 2009

Be Part of the 2009 Vision Project!

I recently participated with the ladies at MakeMinePink for a Vision Project named "Enchanted Makeovers". This is a project that will change the lives of 20 young women ages 11-17.

Enchanted Makeovers is a non-profit organization that transforms shelters for women and children into places of peace and possibilities. (Not just where basic needs are met, but spiritual needs for hope and beauty also).

There are so many ways you can help to transform the lives of these young girls. We can make a difference!

For a start, we are getting someone who will help us to make 20 Hope Chests for the girls. These Hope Chests will stay at the shelter, but each girl will have a chest that is filled with things that they will need when they move on from the shelter. We all had or knew someone that had a hope chest and understand the significance of giving these girls something to look forward to..dream about.. hope for.

Please head over to to find out more!

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  1. Thank you so much Pei Li. This is such an amazing cause and I'm thankful you joined with us.


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