Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vintage Woodwork - French Chic Trays

I've been hard at work these few days working on these vintage woodwork french chic trays.

Making another batch of trays for the collaboration project with Jacqueline has been a sweet, fun and inspirational journey!

I had the chance to try new sweet colours and painting styles too.

Here are 2 colours that I'm pretty excited about. Not just because it's another ordinary pink or blue, but there are some special touch ups I did to it. Notice that shimmery sheen? Maybe it's not so obvious in this picture, but tilt it towards the light and it will be pretty obvious :)

Trays are sent off to Jacqueline...

Meanwhile, if you're interested in a colour of your choice, just let me know. :)


  1. Dearest sweet pei li, i am feeling over the moon with happiness and excitment looking at the photos of these trays! You did an AMAZING job with them! Thanks so much for adding some special touch to sweetheart pink and blissful blue!! I can't wait to discover the gorgeous champagne metallic sheen on them!

    It's truly such an honor to collaborate with you! Looking forward to more creative sparks together! Happy thursday sweet friend! Love to you!


  2. Very pretty! I wish we could see the shimmer in the photos, but they're lovely even without it. :)

    - Grace

  3. Worth the sweat and love your pour on to the trays, I reckon.
    I like how the handle stands out awkwardly, somewhat chic to me.

  4. These are beautiful! Well done, you are very clever.


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