Sunday, August 30, 2009

Show and Tell ~ 1:12 Dollhouse Scale Basket of Assorted Breads

I have this white rattan basket in my collection for a while. Sometimes, I have a wild imagination running when I pick up a raw item; I visualize if they can be transformed into something totally different from their usual state. I saw that potential in the white rattan basket. :) I love the basket, but I just did not like its original colour...the original colour was too pale and dead, and didn't bring out the colours of the 1:12 miniature scale breads I wanted to display it in.

So Sunday morning, here I am, transforming this white rattan basket. Gave it some colour and added some lace to it and there you go! It looks presentable now!

You wouldn't believe I took these photographs today, on a rainy cloudy Sunday, would you? These photos were really taken on a rainy cloudy day, but I'm amazed it looks like they were taken on a sunny day! That's the power of controlling your aperture settings on the camera!

A transformed basket with 1:12 miniature scale assorted french breads

Available now in my etsy shop :

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looking forward to new classes!

I woke up before 8am today even though it was a weekend. I wanted a good long start to this weekend :) There are just so many things to accomplish, and I had kind of lost last weekend.

Last weekend, I was down with a bad flu which I couldn't shake it all off. Fever came and went, and I was sleeping and resting in bed mostly.

Yesterday, I went to a craft place. My initial idea was to sign up for tole painting. But I'm not even sure why I didn't do that when I reached there. Maybe it was a combination of things. Lack of real completed work to look at could be one reason. In the end, I didn't sign up. Since I was there, I continued to browse some shops, and I found another little craft shop. Went into the shop and realized it was a paper tole craft shop. The pictures and display were very pretty, and I was very intrigued with the intricate work and details of paper tole offers. WoW! Ok and the lady was very nice too, she explained to me what it was, and there were classes. There was even a section at the back of the shop which is a classroom. I met the instructor and she showed me some of the work in progress by her students. I'm sold.... So I signed up for paper tole classes and I can't wait for next week's class. The beginner's class is only for 2 sessions, so I can easily do that. Actually I'm already thinking of taking intermediate since I am drawn to a piece that has a flower, garden theme to it. But I'll start with the beginner's class first...I think I'm going to pick a Peter Rabbit picture for a start.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Enchanted Makeovers

The first time I read Terry’s story, it struck and touched me deeply because it was about how she found her true calling and how the project that came into her life at that point transpired into something greater - a passion and a cause that is greater than herself.

And of course, I later learnt that Enchanted Makeovers was constantly seeking crafters who could put special touches to the makeover project. There are so many ways one can contribute. As I love creating, you know I was very delighted when I got in touch with Terry and asked how I can help.

I’m happy to be able to create something loving and special for the girls. So…I shall be busy with my new project, and oh so excited.

I shall keep it a secret for now what I’ll be making, but stay tuned if you want to know. I’ll be taking photos definitely…when my project is done!

Off to help transform the lives of young women and children in my own little ways…….

Image from Enchanted Makeovers

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Show and Tell Monday ~ 1:12 scale shabby chic kitchen trays

Have been busy making up some shabby chic kitchen trays recently. I used a variety of colours on them. I'm planning to make more since they are so versatile, and just so cute. I remembered I saw some mosaic tile trays in real life before, and hence I am making them that way in miniature scale. These cute trays are available at my shop!

I also made these strawberry dome cakes recently!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Moo Cards!

As I promised, a photo of the moo cards I made...I was pleased with them!

I guess the coolest thing was that you can pick more than 1 photo to be used for your namecards, something very different from the traditional way of making namecards.

I had a good relaxing 3 day weekend holiday. Much needed actually. I indulged in listening to music, lots of it actually, reading, browsing magazines, plotting my next purchase (always so exciting), and crafting of course. Wished I had more time to do everything I love, but isn't it always about time management?

Friday, August 7, 2009


Blogger has been a little wonky of late. I was trying to access it a few days ago, but it was just not working.

Anyway, I have been “tagged” by my new friend, Oiseau deNim to do a challenge.

The rules of the challenge was:
1. open the 4th file where you store your photos

2. pick out the 4th photo & publish it to your blog
3. explain a bit about it
4. pass this challenge to 4 other blogs.

This photo was sent to me by my friend, Carrie of Noelle Garrett Designs
This was a collaboration we did earlier last year. Carrie made beautiful tags out of the miniatures I sent her. This was one of the Christmas tags set she made…

Her amazing work is featured in Somerset Home Magazine!! I’m so happy for her!

Ok, I’m passing this challenge to :
2. Michele at
3. Megan at
4. Carrie at

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Free Moo Coupon Codes

I recently ordered some moo cards :) They were beautiful and the quality was great. I'm pleased. I should take a photo later this weekend. I like the laminated effect.

But based on my own experiences, I would suggest not to pick photos which you need to zoom/tweak alot on the moo website. Slight adjustment is fine, but not major tweaking. What you see is not what you get. I picked a few photos that need major tweaking, and they didn't work out :( Lesson learnt. But majority of my other cards came out great.

So any way, I got this free coupon code ONLY for first time orders.

If anyone wants to give it a shot and try their services, please feel free to do so.

I don't know for how long this code last though, it's not stated on the coupon.

Get 15% off your first order by entering this code at the checkout: DDZUWQ (Excludes shipping)