Sunday, March 17, 2019

Doll House Cake - Romantic Pink Peonies Mini Cakes

Hi everyone, finally I have another piece of work completed, in between the other customised projects going on. This has taken quite a while to complete, but I'm glad I managed to as all the other trio romantic cakes in my shop has been sold quite a while ago. I have always wanted to restock some. I have more ideas in mind!

These romantic pink peonies mini cakes have a pop of lovely sweet pink color in the center of the flower.

Do you also see the layered cake in the background? I'm still trying to complete the cake stand before listing it ^^ It's also another popular cake that has been sold out. 

The cake is about 1.6cm tall. Width is 1.2cm at most.

Comes with a lovely glass dome cake cover.

This set is available in my shop here.