Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Faux Macarons in their new home!

If you had been following my blog, you'd know I have been working a little on these life size faux macarons. I finally shipped the first batch out to their new home last week and I'm so glad they made it safely across the globe in perfect condition.

I know they will be loved in their new beautiful home!

Just know that this isn't final yet, and there are still more to come :)

But for now I just wanted to share a photo with you.

The macarons in their new home!

Thank you Caren, for allowing me to share this photo :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Macaron Magnets - Chocolate and Strawberry Flavour

This is my 2nd set of Macaron Magnets featured in my shop!

I love and enjoy making these half cut macaron magnets. This time round, I made a chocolate and strawberry coloured one.

I am also loving the transparent strawberry jam a lot!

Are there any other flavours combination that you would like to see?

Available in my shop under Macaron Magnets

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dollhouse Cake - Mixed Fruits Swiss Roll in 1/12 Dollhouse Miniature Scale

This is my latest dollhouse cake - a mixed fruit swiss roll in 1/12 dollhouse miniature scale.

A vanilla sponge cake wrapped with fruits like mango, kiwi fruit and strawberry! All of them are my favourite!

On the top of the swiss roll, I've also decorated it with finely chopped pistachio nuts. :)

And then, more whipped cream and slice fruits were used as well.

A perfect addition to your dollhouse cake shop or bakery.

I'm also very excited because I have plans to introduce a new dollhouse miniature supply kit to make  chopped pistachio nuts. Would you be interested?

I'm currently working on it, and will only prepare 1 set for a start as I'm not sure if anyone would even want it, but I've been working and experimenting it for a while and I do think it's going to make someone very happy. So please check back in a few days time!

Meanwhile, have a happy Friday!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Air Dry Clay Review: Modena Soft Air Dry Polymer Clay

Today's air dry clay review is going to be on Modena Soft Air Dry Polymer Clay.

I have used this clay for quite a while now and though it has always been in my mind to do a review on it, but I didn't have the time to sit down to write till now.

As you can see from the photo below, this is NOT a new pack. I've been using it for sometime now. So, I think it is time for a review.

I'm still not sure why they call it Polymer Clay. Not only that, they have to include the words Air Dry in front of it.

But if you're confused, just know that this doesn't require baking in the oven.

 The words on the package say "Modena is air dry clay, soft & flexible. Dries with translucent & waterproof. Virtually unbreakable. Suitable for flowers, sweets & deco, doll." 

Like most of the high quality resin clay, when you open the package, the clay is tightly wrapped. 

I personally find that this clay doesn't dry out as quickly as other resin clay, which is a really good thing.

The only downside to this packaging is that the clay sticks to the sides of the plastic clear wrap so much that it does take a bit of effort to remove the clay out and not have any wastage of clay that clings onto the side.

Maybe that's also the reason why it doesn't dry out since there is not much opening for air to seep through ;)

Evidence of the stickiness

 The feel and touch of Modena Soft Clay is different from Hearty or Grace. It is very soft, but doesn't have the marshmallow feel of what Hearty gives. It is also not a resin clay type of feel, and I've experimented and used so many different types of air dry clay that I would say it has a unique feel of its own. 

When I press the clay in between my fingers, it is very soft and smooth. See the edges below. It remains soft and smooth, and the edges don't fray out even when it is being pressed.

Like all other clays, you can use all sort of colours to mix into the clay.

But I do want to draw your attention to the important part here.

I did some test to this clay to test out the translucency nature as it states.

Testing for Translucency
If you need to do some translucency test, simply use water colour to mix into the clay and let it dry thoroughly. The key point is to be patient and let it dry. Don't believe what you see until it is entirely dried.

Here, I apply some transparent colour to the clay.

 This is how it looks like after I mix the colour into the clay. A pretty pink!

I've used half a pack of this clay and till date, I've not seen the translucency results. It is definitely an opaque clay to me. So please do take note and always test it for yourself when you get any new clay.

With that said, I think it's a beautiful clay texture, and you may actually use it for anything that requires an opaque appearance. I've personally made lots of flowers with it and love its texture!

Here, I made a rose with it! The rose looks just like this after it is dried.

 I hope you find this air dry clay review useful :) If you had enjoyed this, drop me a comment to let me know.

Meanwhile I will try my best to review other air dry clay in my collection!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Surprise Gift from Student

I received a surprise gift last week from my student :) It came in the mail and I was so happy and surprised at the same time. Along with it was a very sweet note, as well as her recent miniature work.

I'm so happy that she is continuing to create miniatures, and the interest is still there.

And also, receiving notes like this gives me the motivation to keep blogging :)

Thank YOU Min Qi for your sweet thoughts and gift! :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Clay Hydrangea on Faux Macaron

If you have been following my facebook fan page yesterday, you would have seen a sneak peak on a work in progress..^^

I was excited to show Caren a little experimentation I was doing, and while I shared the photo with her, I also uploaded it on my Facebook fan page.

Caren gave me a new idea for a couple of her faux macarons. Clay hydrangea was on the list. Although you know hydrangeas come in a stalk, and it would be way too much to have a stalk of it on the macaron, so I have been thinking about how to make this idea workable. Caren then told me that perhaps just a few would do. ;) With that said, I immediately had a vision. 

And of course I sat down to work on it.

As you all know by now, the only flowers I've worked on are in 1:12 dollhouse miniature scale, and at most Lati scale. I've not tried making them any bigger, so naturally I am not sure if I would be able to pull it off.

For this project, I sculpt and made everything by hand without the use of any molds. I know even with molds, it's not going to be the solution.

I researched on Google and looked at pictures of hydrangeas and basically created petal by petal from there. After it's dried, I started experimenting with painting.

I took a night to finish this, but am really happy with the result considering this is the first time I'm attempting making life size clay hydrangea!

I wanted to make it life-like - to show the fragility of how flowers naturally are...and so they are semi translucent and when the light shines on them, you can see the veins on the flower petals.

These are a mix of blue and violet and matches this blueberry macaron perfectly.

I think...I might have fallen in love with these and would be making some more...:)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Clay Macaroon - New Colour and Vision

I had fun creating a whole bunch of clay macaroons lately for Caren. :)
They come in all sorts of colours and fillings.

In this case, Caren gave me a colour palette of all the macarons she liked and off I go to help bring her dreams to realization.

These days, when it comes to creating clay macaroons, I ask for a picture of the colour.
The more detailed it is, the better it is for me. 

Through my art, I really do see myself as helping others to execute their vision and dreams.

Show me a colour, and I'll immerse myself in studying and making it come to life.
Show me a vision, and I'll try to implement it, bringing my own personal touch to it.

This was a result of our collaboration of colour and vision, which I enjoyed and love so much.

Things like this...do make me very happy!

p/s I know this picture might not be the best right now, but there are some tiny fake vanilla beans in the cream - both our favourite!