Sunday, May 31, 2009

Show and Tell Monday ~ New desserts

Yesterday, I met up with my friend and we had lunch at Au Petite Salut. It was a little quaint French restaurant. It had been almost 6 or more years since I dined there, but I love the food still. The set lunch is a steal. The portion was just nice for me. I had Caesar salad for appetizer, Braised Chicken Leg for mains, and for dessert, I picked Choux Buns. The choux buns were so yummy, with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce over it! I'm not a sweet tooth person and the chocolate sauce was surprisingly not too sweet :) I will have to go there again.

Some of the new stuff I made over the previous weeks. A tall whipped cream mix fruit cake. :)

I had these cute little aluminum pans, and decided to make them into chestnut mont blanc desserts. These little pans are just 1cm by 0.8cm.

Available at my shop :

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On Front Page of Etsy - 2nd Time!

Did you notice the new song I added onto my blog? I hoped you like it!

Thanks to Stephanie of PetitPlat who alerted me that I was again on Front Page of Etsy for the 2nd time. :)

Many thanks to Alibi who made the wonderful treasury list that got us on Front Page!

And here's the wonderful pic!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Show and Tell Monday ~ I'm on the Front Page on Etsy!

Oh my! I am jumping with joy. Ok, my heart is :)

I was looking through my views and couldn't explain why I was having many "hearts" on Etsy today. Then I went to take a look at my statistics and realized that I was on the Front Page of Etsy! I am beyond words, as you know there are so many sellers on Etsy, and being on the Front Page isn't something you can plan.

Many thanks to the curator FrenchPressKnits for picking my strawberry cake!

Many thanks to the wonderful eye of the person who selects this beautiful treasury to be on Front Page!

Here is the pic!

Last weekend, I was also working on several projects at the same time. One of which is tulips for my friend Patricia. This is what I made for her.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Show and Tell Monday ~ Bridal piece

Where did all the time go?? It has been a couple of weeks since I last updated. Had been busy with work, and then I also went away for a break...I did need a break. It was good.

Before I went on a break, there was still some renovations going on in my house. We finally got a/c installed...then the weather turned better after we had it installed so I only turn it on at night once. Haha..

Now that I am back from my break, I still have a couple more commissions to complete before I can embark on other projects.

Here is one of the projects I didn't blog earlier. It was a present for a bride. The cake was a famous french bakery shop inspired piece, hence the little logo on the top. :)

I also managed to make some donuts. They are available at