Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Dollhouse miniature sweet pink gerbera daisies in oval pot

Hi everyone! I've just completed this dollhouse miniature sweet pink gerbera daisies in oval pot. :)
I didn't think it would sell out that fast, but it is so encouraging, and so I'll be making another one more soon ^^

It's my first time making an oval pot and I do like this pot for flower arrangement. Oval pots does have a different feel from the usual square pots.

I'm also liking my new paper background design. It fits the color theme so well :)

There are a total of 10 gerbera daisies for the oval pot.

Lately, I can't quite muster energy to do much, except for making gerbera daisies...I must say. So my dear readers, you will be seeing quite a lot of them. 

Well, I hope these photos bring a smile to you. Wishing you a wonderful week. :)