Thursday, June 14, 2018

Great day for Photography and a Moving SALE!

Last Sunday, I had some time to take proper photos of my work. Immediately I thought of using my Dollhouse Miniature Buffet Kitchen Table to prop some simple stuff.

It helps greatly when the weather was cooperating! Everything is bright!

I think the dollhouse miniature teal cupcakes here are presented well on the table. Along with a bouquet of sweet flowers.

I'm pleased with the photographs. :) 

Have I mentioned that besides my caregiving duties, I'm also tied up with packing, helping my mom to declutter, organize her stuff because...We are moving! Hopefully in 2 months time!

Currently, I've just engaged a renovation contractor to do up my place, so that will take a bit of time. It isn't a brand new place, so the wear and tear was very obvious, and renovations had to be done before we can move in. 

You can imagine the amount of things I have to do...I'm trying my best to also allocate some time to pack and sort my stuff, and it's tough. To be honest, I haven't moved in more than 30 over years. I thought I will be sad, but I think I'm mostly too exhausted to feel that. Can anyone who is an "expert" in moving, share any tips? I don't know if "expert" is the right word even, but I guess anyone who has been moving quite a bit in their lifetime. I'd love to hear from you. Anything from dealing with the move emotionally, downsizing, decluttering, anything. My friend has given me some good pointers. He said, if I haven't used something in two years, most likely I won't be using it ever and I can toss/donate/give it away. That was a good one. 

I also wanted to take this chance to organize a moving sale, so here it is!

Please use the discount code MOVING18 to enjoy 15% OFF your purchase when you buy miniature supplies from

Items such as craft books, molds, clays are all considered as miniature supplies. Minimum purchase of USD$90 is required. Valid till 10 July 2018.

Miniature supplies can be found HERE. Craft books can be found HERE.

Happy Crafting everyone! 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Dollhouse Miniature Teal Rose Cupcakes

I've made another set of these lovely dollhouse miniature teal rose cupcakes. What's different this time round is that I hand assembled the cake display for it.

It was made of a plate, and a bowl. I hand picked several parts, and put them together and turned it into a pedestal cake stand :)

So it's definitely a unique, one of a kind cake stand. 

Cakes are glued to the cake stand, but the glass cover isn't.

On other news, I'm busy with moving. Well, renovating for now. Renovations hasn't started, but probably after a week's time :) I hope! So much to do, so much to pack! It does get a little overwhelming, as that's on top of my caregiving duties. 

Do look out for a sale in my Etsy shop sometime mid June. My shop banner then will have all the details. The sale is only applicable for supplies, which means items such as molds, books, clays are all applicable for the sale. :) Don't miss it!