Sunday, June 21, 2009

Show and Tell Monday ~ New Pastries...

Each week, I go through different phases. Sometimes I crave for desserts, sometimes I crave for pastries. When the inspiration hits, I don't want to lose it. I have many work in progress going around. The major reason for this is due to the medium I choose to work with which is air dry clay. Nothing ever gets completed in 1 sitting, and therefore, as I am waiting for something to dry, I move onto the next thing. There are about 5-6 different types of work in progress lying on my desk . All of them are in the midst of drying. As such, it takes time to complete one thing.

This week, following the inspiration I got from raspberry tarts, I made the blackberry tarts. I love how the colours contrast each other. Black and red goes together beautifully. Both tarts are available in my shop :

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I have been featured

I got a sweet email from Wendy today, that my profiteroles tower had been featured in her website.

Many thanks to Wendy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A gift from France!

I had a very nice and unexpected surprise today. The postman came and sent me a big box of goodies from Marie who lives in France. Marie is one my customers turned friend, and we talk about desserts almost daily. It is true!

I'm so lucky because Marie sent me boxes of Bonne Maman biscuits & LU biscuits. I don't think it can be found locally. These are very well known brands in France, and she mentioned they are delicious. And of course, I love the packaging of Bonne Maman biscuits. Don't they look adorable?

Besides biscuits, Marie also sent me non-edible stuff. I tell you, the Olive Oil body gel on the right in the photo smells so heavenly that I won't bear to use it. Vintage cups, gift tags, a faux cupcake (so pretty!!), heirloom vintage french linen table cloth, faux white roses, a book of Petits Desserts (amazing photos), and a Bonne Maman Jam bottle....and guess what's in the bottle? Those are petal soaps. I initially thought they were flower petals that she plucked fresh from her garden, but I asked Marie and she told me they were petal soaps! Oh my, I went to try it out at the wash basin and they do melt away once I mix it with water.

These are not all actually. There was another sachet of scented fabrics, which I put it right away in my closet and forgotten to take a photo of it. And I got some baguette packaging which I think I'll try to do something with it :) And some brochures of places of interest from her home town...

Many thanks to Marie, I cannot find enough words to express my thanks, but you are the sweetest !!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Show and Tell Monday ~ New Toy!

I had a very busy week this week! Work was piling up and so my miniatures making did slow down a bit. ;) Also I was researching alot on new cameras. I have my camera for close to 10 years now. If you think about it, technology changes so rapidly; things become obselete quickly, it's hardly you use a digital item for that long a time. My old trusty Sony camera has served me well for all these 9.5 years! It has never been spoilt! And in fact, it's still working, if only I go get a new battery. Now, it only works if I plug it straight to the wall socket constantly.

I was nervous about switching brands, since it takes time getting used to the buttons, functions, everything. But I figured it can't be that bad. And to think I was once a film student.

Didn't do much this weekend except playing with my new toy, and taking photos of my stuff using my new toy!

I think....the next class I need to go for is photography class. I want to learn to use my camera more effectively.

But meanwhile, these are a couple of photos I liked out of the batch I took this weekend. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Show and Tell Monday ~ New Desserts 2

I've established a routine every week when it comes to cleaning. As I work on miniatures throughout the week, my desk can get a little messy and dirty. So I've put aside Saturday mornings to clean my work desk. It can take quite a bit of time as I have to move things around to make sure I clean all surfaces. On Saturday, I think I took about 2 hours to clean my table, and it's ready for this week's work again! But I couldn't stand working on dirty surfaces, so I need to clean weekly.

One of the reasons why miniature making is different from other crafts is because there is a lot of materials needed - and you only use a little each time. From tools like cutter, ruler, wood, sculpting tools, clay, acrylic paints, oil colours, glass paints, toothpicks, wires, paint brushes, dried flowers, different types of glue for different usage (this is not even the entire list) - it does add up to alot.!

This week, I've made some new desserts!

Strawberry lavendar slice cakes & some strawberry mousse cup desserts! Enjoy!! They are available at my etsy shop