Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Food Jewelry - Macaron Ring

This is the latest food jewelry - macaron ring that I made especially for a customer. Red coloured rose was being requested and I worked around the macaron shades to complement it. The result was a very summer looking, happy macaron ring!

Available in the Food Jewelry Section of my shop!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Introducing Ruki

Hello all! I would like to introduce my first new doll, Ruki! The plan to get a doll came sometime last year, because I wanted to create miniature edibles, flowers and accessories for the doll. Even though dolls has been around for the longest time, I did not see myself getting one, or rather, nothing caught my eye until I laid eyes on Ruki.

I felt she was something different, at least to me. There is a serene sense of calm within her, I think.

So when I finally ordered her, as expected, it took a long wait, but it was worth it. She was truly beautiful. But I didn't feel comfortable introducing her yet because she had no clothes to wear, and no wigs to put on...so I had to start dressing her up first before giving her a proper introduction :)

Fast forward...I told my sweet friend Jacqueline about my desire to build Ruki a bakery shop, and therefore I wanted a maid outfit for her. I asked Jacqueline if she could help me with it and she made this set of uniform especially for Ruki! I know Ruki and myself are extremely delighted with it! :) It's just beautiful and Ruki will be wearing it almost 24/7  :D

Now that she's dressed, I can properly and slowly start my project for her. I hope in days and months to come, I will have a proper bakery shop for her, filled with goodies. That would be exciting and fun for me :)

Hello All! I'm Ruki! 

Ruki's waiting for her shop opening...but when will that be? 

This particular wig was initially quite a challenge for me. I spent a bit of time combing it and finally made it possible for Ruki to put it on. I think it looks pretty decent now.

Happy weekend everyone! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Newest Craft Class - Clay Workshop "Boulangerie"

I'm pleased to announce my newest craft class which features french bakery bread made with air dry clay, hence this piece is entitled "Boulangerie".

This idea came into my mind since mid last year. I went to the craft store and saw this cutest wooden bread pan and fell in love with it immediately. I don't bake, but I knew I wanted to create something handmade with it, so I bought the bread pan and it just fell into my pile of "waiting to do" list of items.

I sort of knew what I wanted to create with it, but the actual execution of the project only started late last year, with the making of the french bakery breads first. I picked Tiffany Blue as the background, as I love this colour to bits and I hope it makes you smile too! :)

I cut and stained the linens for my breads, and I am loving the rustic look it brings.

The bread pan by itself measures about 30cm long and 11cm wide approximately. The french breads are in 1:12 dollhouse miniature scale though.

I'm so pleased to present you my newest creation "Boulangerie". Hope you love it.

Perfect as a gift, or even for your own home decor.

For more details of this craft class, please visit http://peiliminiatures.com/pages/boulangerie.htm

Note: This class is most suitable for beginners who have no experience in air dry clay. No cutting of wood work is required in this class.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Visit to the Park (Again)

Today was the perfect day to visit the park. Not too sunny, in fact it was a little cloudy. The air was cool and was just the perfect weather to take a walk. I went out early today and was surprised to find that there was already quite a few people taking their walk.

One of the reasons I like visiting it is because I can smell the different fragrance of the flowers and plants as I walk. From frangipanies to pandan leaves to other sweet smelling flowers, your sense of smell is wide awake when you walk through the park.

And this time round, I noticed the sound of water streams and birds too. Just marvelous.

I don't remember it raining last night, but the plants had water droplets on them, it was beautiful!

I did not notice this pink plant the last time, but it certainly caught my eye this time round! How pretty it is!

These pansies made me smile. Even though they were in the green house, I wanted to take a snap shot of them to remind me of their brilliant colours.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For my newest workshop ...Coming Soon ~

Wondering what these are? I stained these linen...but what are they for? They are for my newest workshop.
Coming soon....:)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

To all my readers, wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

I received an unexpected valentine's day card today from a sweet customer of mine. The card was beautiful, but hearing from her warms my heart. I am touched. Thanks Ty!!! Hope all is well with you....I will be cherishing your card. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nursing a cold

I've been back for a while but fallen ill for a few days. I've caught a cold. Now that I am feeling a bit better, I can sit and write. A break was indeed good for the soul. I took time to see flowers, enjoying the cold wind and walked lots.

I remembered seeing lots of these zakka style baskets in magazines which I truly adore. When I finally made one of them, I knew I wanted a lace trimmed one which resembles one of those that I've always seen in the magazines. I think I want to try making other coloured baskets. 

English roses in a basket...life can be simple and beautiful :)