Friday, February 24, 2012

Introducing Ruki

Hello all! I would like to introduce my first new doll, Ruki! The plan to get a doll came sometime last year, because I wanted to create miniature edibles, flowers and accessories for the doll. Even though dolls has been around for the longest time, I did not see myself getting one, or rather, nothing caught my eye until I laid eyes on Ruki.

I felt she was something different, at least to me. There is a serene sense of calm within her, I think.

So when I finally ordered her, as expected, it took a long wait, but it was worth it. She was truly beautiful. But I didn't feel comfortable introducing her yet because she had no clothes to wear, and no wigs to put I had to start dressing her up first before giving her a proper introduction :)

Fast forward...I told my sweet friend Jacqueline about my desire to build Ruki a bakery shop, and therefore I wanted a maid outfit for her. I asked Jacqueline if she could help me with it and she made this set of uniform especially for Ruki! I know Ruki and myself are extremely delighted with it! :) It's just beautiful and Ruki will be wearing it almost 24/7  :D

Now that she's dressed, I can properly and slowly start my project for her. I hope in days and months to come, I will have a proper bakery shop for her, filled with goodies. That would be exciting and fun for me :)

Hello All! I'm Ruki! 

Ruki's waiting for her shop opening...but when will that be? 

This particular wig was initially quite a challenge for me. I spent a bit of time combing it and finally made it possible for Ruki to put it on. I think it looks pretty decent now.

Happy weekend everyone! 


  1. Ruki is lovely..and I can't wait to see your project grow around her ♥

  2. Welcome Ruki:) She is lovely, and like you say..she looks very calm and peaceful:)

  3. Oh...she's precious! What eyes... and, I see the calm sense about her too. Worth the wait. Pretty sweet outfit too. Enjoy playing with Ruki.

  4. Very pretty!
    from Blogging Buddies

  5. Hello to Ruki from my 3: Lannon, Evike and Seiichiro!:)

  6. She is so pretty! I am crazy to see her in her bakery shop!

  7. Hello Ruki :-) Welcome!!
    Congratulations Pei Li with your very sweet and beautiful (Lati?) doll :-)

    Hugs Jollie

  8. Dearest sweet pei li, so happy to finally see Ruki on your lovely space here. She is really beautiful and very sweet!! Boy am i so glad and happy that both of you adore the outfit. I want to make more outfit for your little one. :) I am also looking forward to see your project grow with her! Have a lovely merry happy saturday night sweet friend and love to you!


  9. Very busy recently to log in and check out and nearly missed this one. Must tell you Ruki is a real treasure, so sweet and demure looking. Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend!


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