Thursday, May 19, 2016

Green Apple Flower Arrangement Dollhouse Miniature

I'm excited to show you my latest piece of work which I combined crispy green mini apples and a simple white flower arrangement to make a beautiful table centerpiece.

I love green too, and believe it or not, it was my favorite color when I was a kid. I believed I talked about this sometime ago. Green drinks, green shirts, but I did had a hard time trying to eat green vegetables as a kid ^^

I think I love green because it is fresh, vibrant, and if you're feeling moody, it perks you up.

And of course, I had to put together a few of my favorite things to photograph it, so that I can bring out the loveliness of this green.

I don't know why, but the styling reminds me of a small setup at a flea market table.

Also did you spot the new type of roses in this arrangement? I'm running an impromptu giveaway on my facebook page - to identify these roses. If you are interested to win a stalk of this new rose, you are most welcome to join in the contest! :)

I'm going to make another 2 of these pieces. I believe I will make it slightly different, as always. This one is going to its new home. :))

There is also going to be a BIGGER giveaway in the near future. Please stay tuned for more details.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Food - Love Naked Cake

Last week, I was researching more on naked cakes. As always, research leads to creation and I made this dollhouse miniature love naked cake.

I think what drawn me to making this was hand sculpting the words.

I tried a couple of methods which didn't work, but eventually found a way to make it work. I find it truly satisfying when I get to find a way to make something work.

Strangely enough, creating words free hand was fun and relaxing. The ability to turn lines into beautiful flowing words probably is what makes it so relaxing for me. In return, I get a beautiful hand created word.
I do have plans to try other flowing words. Do you have any word suggestions? Please feel free to leave me a comment!

I'm also using some quiet time to experiment on more Juliet roses. If you don't know how they look like, simply google it. It's challenging, but I'm liking it. I hope I can make something close.

Wishing you all a great week!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature White and Blue Rose Wreath

I spent several days working on this dollhouse miniature white and blue rose wreath.

It's been a while since I revisited making wreaths. After I made this particular one, it reminds me that if it was placed on top of a cake, it resembles a Korean 3D flower buttercream cake which is a hot favorite now. ^^
If you know what it looks like, simply go google and search for that. You'll see beautiful images of hand piped buttercream cakes in flower themes.

This is my first blue and white rose wreath :) I am loving the look.

I wanted to continue with the white and blue theme, so the next time I could think of was making a wreath!

I love how it complements with the rest of the decoration accessories.

Although making a flower wreath is time consuming, at one point, I wasn't sure if I would see the end result of this. Progress seems really slow. Every stalk of rose, every petal seems to take forever. But once I think I had enough roses to assemble it into a wreath, everything fell into place quickly.

So much so that, yes I would want to make another one for keepsake^^

But actually I have another idea that I wanted to try, so perhaps I'll move onto a new project first. I am feeling adventurous and would like to challenge myself a bit :)