Saturday, March 31, 2012

Building My Own Dollhouse Window

I have been putting this project aside for the longest time...and finally yesterday (after my workout), I started on it. One of the reasons was, I have been waiting for materials to arrive and I had been busy with the orders that came in (Thank YOU all!).

I actually bought a dollhouse miniature window, but when it arrived, I realized it was way too big. I consoled myself that this mistake costs me about $4 only. I then started studying it and was decided to build one on my own. :)

The past 1 week, before I commence on my project, I started formulating a game plan in my head. I typically visualize the steps and process as to how I would build it. When the idea became good enough (I ran it through like a few times), I decided it was time to Just Do It....

The walls were really simple enough. I made the calculations and started working on my window. It was exciting and really fun. Although it's not painted yet, I am really pleased. And I also hope it gives inspiration to you guys out there who are also like me, who are not trained in architectural design, or DIY or engineering...that it is possible to give it a try and make something with your own hands. :)

Going to work on the interior window frame next.

Actually I have to confess I am dying to paint it...I love painting. 

As for the exterior walls, I have not nail down the look and feel of the exterior wall yet, but that would be exciting too. Just so many ideas!

Can't wait to get on with the interior decorating!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Food Jewelry - Candy Drop Series Macaron Rings

This year's spring season seems to have a heavy emphasis on pastel tones, which is my inspiration to create a new line for my food jewelry macaron rings.

Called the Candy Drop Series, these french macaron rings would be a perfect hit for those of you who likes sweet pastel tones.

Match it with your nail polish colour and show it to your friends. :)

Well, even if you are not into food jewelry, perhaps just looking at these sweet colours would bring a smile to your face?

Have a fabulous week everyone! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Flowers - Rose Bouquet Arrangement

I finished this pot of dollhouse miniature flowers - a rose bouquet arrangement in 1/12 dollhouse miniature scale.

The different types and mixed coloured roses are put together into this bouquet of flower arrangement and presented on a lovely glass pitcher vase. The colours are stunning looking and just so vibrant. :) I love how energizing this bouquet of flowers look, so full of life!

I can imagine this in your dollhouse miniature living room, or dining room setup.

This was a lovely experiment for me to try bold, daring colours -- and I can tell you that this will definitely NOT be the last time I'm experimenting with colours.

I do plan on attempting another bold daring colour combination which I'm quite excited to try myself. :) It might take a little while though, but I will share it along with you all when I am ready.

Meanwhile, I hope this bouquet of flowers bring you much energy and life throughout your weekend! 

View from the top

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Flowers - 1:12 Scale Red Roses

I continued with making dollhouse miniature flowers this week...Red roses this time.

Red is such a tricky colour to work with. I actually didn't know what I would get when I was mixing the colour and how the outcome would be. So glad the colour came out right :) It's quite a nice shade of wine red. Without the sunlight shining on it, it is actually a bit darker.

Did you notice the little difference in the petals this time round? When I studied the photo, I realized that the red roses were a little different, so I tried to follow as closely as possible.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Flowers - 1:12 Scale Sweet Roses

How did you spend your Saturday?
I was originally planning to go to the Park with my friend, but it got cancelled, so I get to stay home instead.

I worked on making dollhouse miniature flowers in the afternoon....and made a few stalks of these sweet pink roses. I only managed to make about 6 stalks ;P

Jenny sent me a photo of a bouquet of flowers that she would like me to make, and seeing the photo, I really fell in love with the colours of the flowers and texture of it, and I started to give it a try.

Hope this photo brings a smile to your face...

I'm off to make red roses next, and hope to show them to you next time :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dollhouse Miniature Flower - Ranunculus in 1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Scale

I probably have been mentioning my sweet friend Jacqueline a lot in my blog these days, but I continue to be inspired and get to learn new things from her. Just the other day, she mentioned the word Ranunculus to me. I asked, "What's that?" And off I went to google.

When I found out what it was, I was extremely excited and happy - because I've been trying to find out the name of this beautiful flower for the longest time...Having seen it in real life, I marveled at the colours, and admire how tightly the petals remain close to each other. I have always thought it was just one of the roses species, but all thanks to my sweet friend, I now know the proper name for this! :) Armed with this new word, I went wild searching for some photos of it.

While researching, I saw one of my favourite blogger and photographer, Polina of Beautyspot talked about this beautiful flower here

If I understood the translated page properly, it did seems that ranunculus is also expensive even in Russia. It can go up to 7 or 8 USD per stalk! I know the flower shop in my neighbourhood doesn't carry this flower since there really is no demand for it. Out of curiosity, I did check with an upscale florist shop in town, and found out that they are selling each stalk of ranunculus for about S$4.50 to S$5.00, and they do require a minimum order of 5 stalks. I am still thinking...and am going to do more research. I'm interested to get a stalk or two, to brighten up my day, to study the petals and admire their beauty...

I was so drawn with the colours in Polina's photo that I tried creating it in 1:12 dollhouse miniature scale.

The characteristics of this flower is that it has dense layers of tissue like petals, which is a new challenge to replicate into dollhouse miniature scale.

I hope this resembles a pink ranunculus...somehow....

My favourite flower now....:)

And this is especially dedicated to Jacqueline and Polina....thank you for inspiring me....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Craft Class - Min Qi's English Tea Cart

I just finished teaching a craft class over the last 3 Saturdays, and my student Min Qi who had no prior experience to clay or miniatures finished the English tea cart trolley :)

I remembered asking her the same question over a few times "Do you find it difficult?" That was quite important to me because though I have touched air dry clay for years, transferring this knowledge and skill to someone who has no experience in it is another matter altogether. It was important for me to know if someone new find it difficult to learn, which means I might tweak things around or further dissecting things into easier steps. And my student told me that she didn't find it difficult, and in fact it was very interesting to her. I think from the 3 sessions, Min Qi may have realized that patience is the most important thing when making miniatures.

I'm pleased to show you her masterpiece. The lighting wasn't optimum since I took this quickly in the kitchen, but hopefully you can see the beauty of her work :)

Min Qi also made me this cute paper sculpting art..:) It was pretty amazing and beautiful! Thank you so much!