Sunday, March 4, 2012

Craft Class - Min Qi's English Tea Cart

I just finished teaching a craft class over the last 3 Saturdays, and my student Min Qi who had no prior experience to clay or miniatures finished the English tea cart trolley :)

I remembered asking her the same question over a few times "Do you find it difficult?" That was quite important to me because though I have touched air dry clay for years, transferring this knowledge and skill to someone who has no experience in it is another matter altogether. It was important for me to know if someone new find it difficult to learn, which means I might tweak things around or further dissecting things into easier steps. And my student told me that she didn't find it difficult, and in fact it was very interesting to her. I think from the 3 sessions, Min Qi may have realized that patience is the most important thing when making miniatures.

I'm pleased to show you her masterpiece. The lighting wasn't optimum since I took this quickly in the kitchen, but hopefully you can see the beauty of her work :)

Min Qi also made me this cute paper sculpting art..:) It was pretty amazing and beautiful! Thank you so much!


  1. Dearest sweet pei li, you did such an awesome job teaching your student, Min Qi! I've added my wish to be your student in my "Things i want to do in year 2012" list. :) You are amazing and very talented. Have a beautiful week ahead and love to you!



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