Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Accessories - Glass Bottle

My love for the blue mason jars in real life gave me this inspiration to transform these dollhouse miniature accessories - 1/12 scale glass bottle. That beautiful shade of turquoise is irresistible. It's a colour that makes me happy, besides pink :) With the lack of readily made dollhouse miniature accessories in that delicate soft shade of turquoise drove me to make some my own.

White and turquoise is all I need.

Simple things like this makes my day.

It's quite strange, but sometimes miniature making lead me to deeper understanding to life and things. One of the things that I learnt from this experiment was, there was definitely more than one way to do this. I like to use whatever resources that I have around me.

Some people have used the food colouring method to colour their glasswares. Some people use the thinner, glass paints and baking method to achieve theirs. With no food colorings and oven in my home (I don't bake), I had to find my own way. It is definitely possible, and here's my results. I love it when I find more than one way to making things.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miniature Christmas Scene - Work in Progress

There are strawberries waiting to be painted, cakes to be put together, rings to complete, and all going to UAE ...

And this half painted display is just work in progress, in between while I'm waiting for things to dry. I wanted to take a photo to see. And putting things near to the sunlight gives me a better perspective when it comes to colour.

Well, I don't know if this would be successful but let's see...

After a few days of raining here, which is really cool and nice, today's bright and sunny!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Food - Creme Brulee in 1/12 Dollhouse Miniature Scale

It's been a little while since I made some dollhouse miniature food, specifically desserts. I've been very wrapped up in making flowers, bouquet, and it's almost like a new quest that I have right now - to make exquisite flower arrangements in dollhouse miniature scale. Yes, that's my new quest. :) That explains the books, images I've scout around for new inspiration and ideas to make realistic dollhouse miniatures flower arrangements. I've some ideas but as always execution does take some time, but hopefully as time permits, I'll be able to show what I've come up with.

Here's a cute creme brulee dessert I made most recently! In reality, I probably won't order this dessert as after a few spoonful of it, I'm ready to stop LOL. And I personally prefer my desserts cold....Although wiki says it's normally served cold, a warm version was actually served when I first tasted this dessert at a french restaurant many years ago. So maybe I would like it much more if I had the cold version :)

My first real fascination with this dessert started from watching my favourite french film "Amelie". Hearing the satisfying crack of the outer crust of caramelized top was simply fascinating....and seeing how the spoon revealed the soft custard beneath the crusty top....Ooh. Ok I need to re-watch this movie again!

I'm drawn to its bright yellow colour. It's actually quite an eye catching dessert. :) And it reminds me of chinese egg tart really...

I hope you enjoyed my version of the dollhouse miniature creme brulee :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rose Bible

Have you ever heard of a rose bible? Certainly I have not until I saw it, and found it rather amusing to an extent just by the word itself. But I can understand why they name the book that way, because it was a detailed compilation of all the different variety of roses, in all shades that you can ever imagine. They also have very beautiful names, which was inspiring!

A beautiful clean cover

Beautiful pictures and in all shades you can ever imagine.

The other day I bought a rose. The shop keeper said it was orange, but it didn't really come across as orange to me ;) But this rose has been blooming for the past 3-4 days now, and this rose blooms so beautifully, more so than the pink ones which doesn't bloom this way. I am enjoying looking at their petals :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dollhouse Miniatures - Peonies Bouquet

I recently made these dollhouse miniatures peonies bouquet. Although this dollhouse miniature flower arrangement bouquet was time consuming to make, but the end result was worth it, I think :)

This time round, I added quite a lot of leaves to it. I love these leaves, and if you can see them up close, you will be able to see the veins of the leaves. That's how thin I made them.

I like these romantic sweet colors, which I'm sure it will brighten up any corner of your dollhouse miniature home!

I left them unglued, so the flower arrangement can be versatile enough to be placed in the glass vase itself, or be displayed on a chair, or table. :)

If you have a different color version of a bouquet that you would like, please feel free to contact me. I love experimenting with colors, as you know by now!

Available here.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Shopping

Yesterday, I took the chance to do some shopping with my aunt. Although I had no inclination to take on that 40% store wide discount in the beginning, but in the end, the deal was irresistible. It was worth it though :) I bought a lot of this and that, papers, knick knacks. I was very happy with my purchases...

Have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Retail Shop in Queensland Australia

For those of you who are living in Queensland Australia, or even if you don't but will be visiting there, I'm excited and happy to let you know that some of my specially made clay jewelry has reached this lovely shop in Queensland.

You can now purchase some of my handmade items directly at The Cupcake Gifts and Homewares Yeppoon. Directions, address and other details to the shop can be found here.

Here are some of the lovely stuff that is in the store!

Pink range - my bet that this will be most popular!

How about green and yellow?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Food Jewelry - Colours of Macarons

Before you think these are edible, I must admit they are just the new range of food jewelry I've created. As you can see, I'm still indulging in colours. I enjoy creating beautiful colours, analyzing colours and really have fun with them.

I've been busy creating items the past week, and I'm really quite happy with this colour series of macarons.

As soon as I created these macarons, I had to take a picture to capture them in their raw natural state, before I start transforming them into something else.

And then I felt like dressing them up.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do :)