Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Food - Creme Brulee in 1/12 Dollhouse Miniature Scale

It's been a little while since I made some dollhouse miniature food, specifically desserts. I've been very wrapped up in making flowers, bouquet, and it's almost like a new quest that I have right now - to make exquisite flower arrangements in dollhouse miniature scale. Yes, that's my new quest. :) That explains the books, images I've scout around for new inspiration and ideas to make realistic dollhouse miniatures flower arrangements. I've some ideas but as always execution does take some time, but hopefully as time permits, I'll be able to show what I've come up with.

Here's a cute creme brulee dessert I made most recently! In reality, I probably won't order this dessert as after a few spoonful of it, I'm ready to stop LOL. And I personally prefer my desserts cold....Although wiki says it's normally served cold, a warm version was actually served when I first tasted this dessert at a french restaurant many years ago. So maybe I would like it much more if I had the cold version :)

My first real fascination with this dessert started from watching my favourite french film "Amelie". Hearing the satisfying crack of the outer crust of caramelized top was simply fascinating....and seeing how the spoon revealed the soft custard beneath the crusty top....Ooh. Ok I need to re-watch this movie again!

I'm drawn to its bright yellow colour. It's actually quite an eye catching dessert. :) And it reminds me of chinese egg tart really...

I hope you enjoyed my version of the dollhouse miniature creme brulee :)


  1. My favorite dessert! :D Wonderful!

  2. Looks good enough to eat (though would be for such a small appetite!). Love the little spoon--really completes it. This is just wonderful. ; )

  3. Amelie is such a cute movie! Audrey Tautou can do no wrong. neither can you!

  4. I love creme brulee. It is best dessert! Your minibrulee is cute. Minihugs Kati

  5. Your crème brulée is fantastic. I love eating it, sometimes it's served cold or hot. Usually it should be hot.

  6. Magyar közmondás: A jóból keveset adnak! :)
    Nagyon gusztusos!

  7. Dearest sweet pei li, im so excited about your new quest in making flowers and bouquet! Can't wait to see what you come out with.
    I am not so much a dessert person but i do adore creme brulee. :) Yours look so yummie! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  8. do you sell these?? or know anywhere I can get realistic miniature foods???

  9. Hi Lainey,

    Yes I do sell them. Please contact me here



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