Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Creating Dollhouse Miniature Rose

Recently, I tried my hand at creating a new dollhouse miniature rose type. It has been on my mind to research a little bit more on this particular type as I'm fascinated with the petals. The center, inner petals are  busy and packed. Though I have tried experimenting it on and off, I still have not grasped the proper way to handle it. But in the midst of both failed and successful attempts of these, I'm getting there.

I love looking through my Rose Bible. There are just so many rose variations in my book and I constantly reach out to this whenever I need new colour or type ideas.

I tried to find a name for the particular one I made. And I think I found it. It's called Temari.

I don't necessarily stare at the picture while I sculpt, but usually I try to absorb all the details when I look at the picture. Then the sculpting begins.

The making of this rose type is totally different from the other roses - mainly due to the busy inner petals. Maybe it will frustrate a lot of people that you cannot get the same looking inner petals everytime, but hey, no roses are completely the same.

Well, I hope I can keep up with the stamina to make more of these for a slightly bigger project. :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dollhouse Gerbera Daisies Going To New Homes

I made these dollhouse miniature gerbera daisies over a span of more than 6 months...I know it isn't really much from how it looks, but I think my first batch is done for now. When I decided that I wanted to donate something to Dollhouses For Kids Battling Cancer, I made my mind to make a bunch of gerbera daisies.

Ann assembles the dollhouses from her home, and dispatches them to the little ones. There are also others who help to deliver these dollhouses to kids who live in different parts of the country. From the pictures, I saw that the dollhouses were being decorated, and I thought, how wonderful it would be if I can add a little dash of colour to the decorations as well :) Gerbera daisies would be ideal, so that's how the whole idea came about. I wanted to accumulate enough before I mail it out, but of course I also know it would take me a while to get there. Fast forward to more than 6 months, and this is my result.

I will continue to accumulate them as I go along...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dollhouse Flowers - Peonies Bouquet

After making many dollhouse peonies over the last year, I must say that it does get easier after practicing over and over again. When I first started, it took me a very long time just to make a few stalks. It was only with this recent batch that I suddenly felt that it didn't take as long as it used to. I'm sure it was partly due to the modification of steps. I also keep changing recipes for it. Nothing is always quite the same way each time I make them.

This batch of peonies was a special request by one of my customers, who wanted the same complementing flowers used in an earlier red peonies bouquet. But she wanted her peonies to be peach instead.

It actually gave me an idea to try out another colour, so do look out for it!

Peonies in varying stages of blooming adds a dash of realism.

Holding the colourful bouquet of peonies

Thursday, November 7, 2013

It ain't christmas yet

I've been working on this dollhouse miniature pennies flower arrangement just a few days ago.  Peach colour is something I adore.  If you've been following my blog, you'll realize I made several flower arrangements featuring peach colour.   There are several colour schemes that include peach, which I've been thinking of.  I was glad to sit down and work on this new flower arrangement.

Along with the peach, I worked on 2 shades of hot pink. A burst of colour like this makes me really happy. It reminds me of spring time, although for many of you, it's almost winter.

Did you also notice the tuberose buds I've made to go along with this bouquet? The real ones come in a few different colours, which I thought was really interesting. I think it has to do with the various ripen stages.

Funny how I'm working on colour schemes like this in the month of November. Usually I prefer to work on something I feel passionately about, regardless of seasonality.