Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Antique White Kitchen Scale

Hello all! It's been a while I did some photo styling with my miniatures. So I did just that over the weekend :)

I made another antique white kitchen scale in 1/12 scale and decided I wanted to give some scale perspective with my other miniatures. The baking table was perfect for this photo shoot :)

I also saw another pinterest photo with scales stacked up. And here's mine.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Vintage Kitchen Scale

Hi all! This week, I attempted something new. While browsing pinterest, I found some uber cute vintage kitchen scales and I've always been crazy with anything vintage or antique, if you do not know by now. I wanted to challenge myself and I think I may be able to make it into a dollhouse miniature version.

Yesterday, I spent several hours making my first dollhouse miniature vintage kitchen scale. Most of the real ones are in a lovely shade of teal or turquoise, and it's one of my favorite colors, so why not?!

Again, it's one of those things that I'd not have been able to make several years ago, without the knowledge of using some materials. I made this using only a bit of wood, but mostly plastic and metal, which is a big step for me. I'm slowly learning to discover the beauty of using plastics in my work, but it's still a new technique.

Plastic is wonderful, but perhaps because I'm still new to it, I'll have to say that it's taking me a longer time than usual to cut and glue them together.

And yes there are some plans to make them in different colors, so please stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Summer Flower Bouquet

Hi all! As usual, I've been quietly working and re-stocking things here. In the midst of re-stocking some of my sold items, I had some time to put together another dollhouse miniature summer bouquet.

I get so inspired by colors, and sometimes I don't know if they would work together until I put the pieces together and look at it myself. This seems to be my favorite way of working, but it can be very time consuming!

I've always loved the idea of how a fresh bouquet of flowers are bought from the Parisian markets and wrapped elegantly in aged newspaper. So I took that idea and tried it myself.

Looks just like what I imagined! I was so happy with the result of the wrapping of flowers. :)

I have a feeling that this look is going to make a re-appearance very often!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Antique Farmhouse Planter

My latest work is inspired by another real life item. I turned it into a dollhouse miniature antique farmhouse planter. ^^ When I first saw the photo on pinterest, I knew I wanted to give this a try. I wasn't sure if I can make the standing legs, but I really wanted one in miniature scale, so I had to make it myself!

The concept of this is using a half-wall galvanized tub and making it into a standing planter. You can place it against the wall. Decorate the bin with decorations corresponding to any season!

I spent 1 night making the standing farmhouse planter and am really pleased with it! I can picture this cute standing planter in a french chic dollhouse setting. Set it by the front door porch, or even in the kitchen or living room. :)

Flowers are not glued and you can place different items in this planter. As for the bouquet, I was inspired by a pastel looking bouquet I saw on facebook.

Farmhouse planter measures 4.6cm tall. Available in my etsy shop now here.

Please pardon me as I make more of these planters, maybe in different colors too!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

French chic planter with anemone flowers

This week, I managed to make a french chic planter filled with white anemone flowers in 1/12 dollhouse miniature scale. I'm a bit obsessed with them still, so they will be making a regular appearance in my works.  

Have I ever mentioned that, I'm grateful for the constant supply of new ideas. At one point, I was rather worried if I would ever lose ideas for miniatures. Some ideas require the willingness to try and possibly fail, and I usually like to pick days where I'm feeling "playful", so even if the experimentation fails, it feels more like play than a "failure". All of us have those days where we don't feel courageous enough to make that small step. What are some of your ways to overcome feelings of "failure"?