Sunday, July 5, 2015

French chic planter with anemone flowers

This week, I managed to make a french chic planter filled with white anemone flowers in 1/12 dollhouse miniature scale. I'm a bit obsessed with them still, so they will be making a regular appearance in my works.  

Have I ever mentioned that, I'm grateful for the constant supply of new ideas. At one point, I was rather worried if I would ever lose ideas for miniatures. Some ideas require the willingness to try and possibly fail, and I usually like to pick days where I'm feeling "playful", so even if the experimentation fails, it feels more like play than a "failure". All of us have those days where we don't feel courageous enough to make that small step. What are some of your ways to overcome feelings of "failure"? 

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  1. Me encanta es todo precioso, las flores encantadoras.
    Un abrazo.


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