Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Summer Flower Bouquet

Hi all! As usual, I've been quietly working and re-stocking things here. In the midst of re-stocking some of my sold items, I had some time to put together another dollhouse miniature summer bouquet.

I get so inspired by colors, and sometimes I don't know if they would work together until I put the pieces together and look at it myself. This seems to be my favorite way of working, but it can be very time consuming!

I've always loved the idea of how a fresh bouquet of flowers are bought from the Parisian markets and wrapped elegantly in aged newspaper. So I took that idea and tried it myself.

Looks just like what I imagined! I was so happy with the result of the wrapping of flowers. :)

I have a feeling that this look is going to make a re-appearance very often!

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